V Editor Toolset v1.2

This asset contains various tools and utilities for Unity Editor which might be useful in everyday devs work. Package consists of pure Editor code without any extra assets such as textures and materials. Source code included.

Compatible with Unity 5.4.1, 5.5, 5.62017 and 2018




  1. Import the package. After that you are able to move the root VEditorToolset folder to any subfolder in your project
  2. Go to Window and click V Editor Toolset or use [Ctrl + Alt + V] hotkey to open V Editor Toolset Quick Access Menu
  3. Clicking on Manual icon opens online documentation page
  4. Clicking on tool or utility name holding [Ctrl] opens online documentation page

 If you working with team and your project uses version control system it is better to exclude the entire VEditorToolset folder from tracking