V Editor Toolset > Extra Component

Sometimes when working with Unity’s built-in components we using Debug.Log to see how the particular value is changing over time such as transform matrices, camera aspect, rigidbody velocity etc. This tool allows you to inspect built-in component’s fields and properties which is hidden in inspector. Another feature of this tool is Extra Gizmos which visualizes some extra handles of the component in Scene View.


  1.  Go to V Editor Toolset Quick Access Menu (Ctrl + Alt + V) and open Extra Component window
  2. Select any Game Object on scene. Extra Component will show hidden fields and properties of the components attached to this Game Object
  3. You may select more than one object to visually compare the particular values of the components
  4. Clicking on Extra Gizmos button allows you to turn on/off visualisation of additional component info in Scene View

Extra Gizmos

  • Renderer bounds visualizes a bounding box of any Renderer component
  • Skin Bones visualizes bones chain of Skinned Mesh Renderer
  • Center Of Mass visualizes Rigidbody’s center of mass
  • Cloth Normals visualizes normal direction at each vertex position of the Cloth
  • Joints Chain3D visualizes 3D Joints chain and their anchor points
  • Effector Direction visualizes the force direction of any Effector component