V Editor Toolset > Extra Object Filter

As you know it is possible to filter game objects by name, type and label in hierarchy and project windows. But it is not quite enough for the project with big amount of scene objects and prefabs. This tool allows you to filter game objects by Layer, Tag, Static Flags, Hide Flags + Sorting Layer and Sorting Order for Renderer components.


  1. Go to V Editor Toolset Quick Access Menu (Ctrl + Alt + V) and open Extra Object Filter window
  2. Choose Hierarchy at the toolbar if you need to filter scene objects only. Choose Project for filtering assets
  3. Turning any toggle on enables the specified filter mask. Each mask besides Sorting Order is a Mask Field which allows you to select multiply elements
  4. If any object was found with given filter the results appears as object list inside the area below. You may select objects in the list just like how it works in hierarchy and project windows including [Ctrl] and [Shift] hotkeys


  • Layer. EverythingAll game objects included. Nothing: All game objects excluded cause Layer value cannot be empty
  • Tag. Everything: All game objects included. Nothing: All game objects excluded cause Tag value cannot be empty
  • Static Flags. Everything: Includes all game objects with at least one Static Flag. Nothing: Includes all game objects without any Static Flag
  • Hide Flags. Everything: Includes all game objects with at least one Hide Flag set. Nothing: Includes all game objects with HideFlags set to None
  • Sorting Layer. EverythingIncludes all game objects with any Renderer component attached. Nothing: All game objects excluded cause Sorting Layer value cannot be empty
  • Sorting Order. Includes all game objects with any Renderer component attached and its Sorting Order lies within the specified range


Let’s say we are searching for scene game objects with IgnoreRaycast layer, Player tag, Foreground sorting layer and order equals to 400. Then our filter will looks like this