V Editor Toolset > Prefs Explorer

 Windows only

This tool lets you view and edit PlayerPrefs keys right inside Editor Window.


  1. Go to V Editor Toolset Quick Access Menu (Ctrl + Alt + V) and open Prefs Explorer window
  2. After window was opened you’ll see your project’s PlayerPrefs list
  3. You could change keys and values of the particular PlayerPrefs entries
  4. To add new PlayerPrefs entry click Create and select key name, type and value
  5. Check the toggles and click Remove to delete selected PlayerPrefs entries
  6. Click Import and select XML file to add or overwrite current PlayerPrefs entries
  7. Click Export to save selected PlayerPrefs entries to XML file
  8. If PlayerPrefs was changed outside the Prefs Explorer window click Refresh to update PlayerPrefs list
  9. Use Search Field to filter the list by key or value