V Editor Toolset > Split Viewer

This tool shows you custom rendering results right inside the Scene View. Will be useful for comparing and debugging built-in render buffers such as depth, normals or your own shaders.


  1. Go to V Editor Toolset Quick Access Menu (Ctrl + Alt + V) and open Split Viewer settings window
  2. Make sure that Scene View window is active and check Enabled toggle or click ON toggle directly in V Editor Toolset Quick Access Menu
  3. Add new preset to Presets listChange the name of the preset and switch between Split and Overlay modes. You are able to remove or add new presets at any time
  4. Now in Scene View you’ll be able to see the default preset consisting of separated views (Camera and Depth)
  5. You may add, replace, move left or right and remove views by right clicking on the bottom panel of Scene View
  6. Click on the Camera icon of particular view for getting access to camera settings such as Culling Mask and Rendering Path
  7. Hold [Ctrl] to get quick access to preset selection
Preset Modes
  • Split mode will split the Scene View into separated views
  • Overlay mode will split the Scene View into two selected views blends between its rendering result
  • Scene is a default Scene View rendering result
  • Camera is a normal camera rendering result without gizmos and Scene View rendering modes. Select R, G or mode to render only particular color channel
  • Depth shows depth buffer decoded from DepthNormals buffer. Linear01 mode shows default depth texture as it comes from the rendering pipeline. Eye shows the same but applies LinearEyeDepth function from UnityCG.cginc. Depth will be inverted if Invert toggle is switched on
  • Normals shows normals buffer decoded from DepthNormals buffer. View mode shows default normals texture as it comes from the rendering pipeline. Object mode renders per-object world normals
  • Vertex Colors shows vertex colors of each object on the scene. Vertex colors comes from Colors array of the mesh. Turn on Alpha Only mode to view only alpha value of the colors. Turn on Wireframe mode to render all geometry in wireframe mode
  • Material Pass renders the scene with custom material. Camera target texture will be passed into _MainTex property of the shader. You may choose which shader Pass will be used for rendering
  • Replacement Shader renders the scene with custom replacement shader. You may also select or set your own custom replacement Tag